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Regner Ramos

@couch, a high floor, apartment, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Sites Queer takes place on February 7, 8, and 9, 2019. There are 40 presenters from all over the world. Their innovative research  in the fields of architecture, spatial theory, urbanism, queer theory, history, gender studies, performance, and media studies have been curated into eleven panels, four keynotes, and one workshop spreading throughout the three-day event, each allotting time for conversations and questions afterwards. Attendees and presenters are encouraged to live Tweet and Instagram using the #sitesqueer tag. Spaces are limited: attendees must register via Eventbrite (click here to register).

Day 1: Morning


8:30 AM—Inscription and Coffee

9:00 AM—Welcoming


The New Economy of Desire: Homosexual Subjectivities in the Era of No-Strings-Attached Relationships, Richard Miskolci, PhD

10:15 AM—Coffee Break

10:30 AM—PANEL ONE: ‘Transgressions’

Coloniality, Rape Culture, and Technology: From Sexual Explicitness to Invisibility in Resistance Art, Chloé S. Georas, JD

Non-consensual Sexual Conduct on Queer Dating Apps: Examining Tensions Experienced by Men Who Have Sex With Men, Christopher Dietzel


A Kindr Grindr? Moderating Race(ism) in Techno-Spaces of Desire, Sharif Mowlabocus, PhD

12:30 PM—Lunch Break

Day 1: Afternoon


1:30 PM—PANEL TWO: ‘Desire’

Digital Dogma: Relating the Manifestations of Religion Online to the Practices and Experiences of Arab MSM, Khaled Alsaleh

BLINDR: Gay Desire Under Surveillance Capitalism, Stephen Lawson

Erotic Topographies: Scholarly and Artistic Approaches to Autoethnography of Place, Juan Antonio Trujillo, PhD

2:30 PM—PANEL THREE: ‘Agency’

Cybertransfeminism, Self-Defense, and Collective Digital Care, EspicyNipples

Twisting the Path and the Interstice, Itzayana Gutiérrez

Queer Architectures, Digital Futures, and the Bad Romance of Transparency, Jasmine Rault, PhD

3:30 PM—Coffee Break

3:45 PM—PANEL FOUR: ‘The Cabaret Commons’

Trans-Feminist and Queer Audiences 4evah: X-Reception, Digital Archives of Live Performance, and Networked Intimate Publics, T.L. Cowan, PhD

In Conversation, Jasmine Rault, Islandia, Stephen Lawson, and Itzayana Gutiérrez

4:45 PM—Lecture

San Juan Queer: Mobile Apps, Urban Spaces, and LGBTQ Identities, Regner Ramos, PhD

5:30PM—Closing Conversations

7:30 PM—Exhibition Opening

Los Sites: Spatial Speculations in Queer San Juan, Regner Ramos, PhD

Day Two: Morning


9:00 AM—Inscription and Coffee


Addressing Subjectivities, Rebecca Ross, PhD

10:15 AM—Coffee Break

10:30 AM—PANEL FIVE: ‘Locality’

Museo Q: Re-activating Spaces in Bogota, Michael Andrés Forero-Parra

Metaphysical Territories and Their Transition from Magical to Digital Archives, Islandia (Carina Emilia Guzmán)

Queering The Map, Lucas LaRochelle

12:30 PM—Lunch Break

Day Two: Afternoon



Queer Infrastructure, Ben Campkin, PhD

2:30 PM—PANEL SIX: ‘Permission’

Reproducing Spaces of Exclusion: SESTA-FOSTA and the Regulation of Queer POC Bodies, Jody Liu

Challenges in the Representation of the Deviations of the LGBTTQIP+ Pride Parade in San Juan, Manuel Clavell-Carrasquillo, JD + Herminio Rodríguez, MFA

3:30 PM—Coffee Break

3:45 PM—PANEL SEVEN: ‘Placemaking’

Queerness and Matrix-Sites: Las Nietas de Nonó’s Patio Taller, Aravind Enrique Adyanthaya, MD/PhD

Transgression and Institutionalization:Illegal Sex as a Foundation of Place, Hugues Lefebvre Morasse

Queer Practices of Placemaking: Exploring How LGBTQI+ Urban Activists Make Place in London, Claire Tunnacliffe

4:45 PM—PANEL EIGHT: ‘Diversity’

Negotiating Gender Diverse Worlds Built on Binary Expectations, Laura Marshall

Transbelonging: Re-orienting Displacement in the Navigation of Urban Spaces, Ged Ribas Goody

5:45 PM—Closing Conversation

Day 3: Morning


9:00 AM—Inscription and Coffee

9:15 AM—PANEL NINE: ‘Nou Mache Ansanm: Debates, Proposals, and Performances for Queer Haiti in Caribbean Context’

Danced Pedagogies for Queer Haitian Survival, Dasha A. Chapman, PhD

Witnessing Queer Flights: Josué Azor’s Photo-Documentary of Lougawou Images in the Contemporary Era of Anti- Homosexual Unrest in Haiti, Mario LaMothe, PhD

10:00 AM—PANEL TEN: ‘Representations’

Transformismo: A Spatial, Cultural, and Racial Intervention in Chicago’s Queer and Latinx Communities, Liliana Macias

The Identity Continuum: Constructing Male Homosexualities in Trafficking in Broken Hearts by Puerto Rican Dramatist Edwin Sánchez, Ari Alannah Hernández

Queer Mythologies: The Account of the Antiquities of the Indians by Fray Ramón Pané and the Taíno Oscillatory Relation with Identity and Gender, Marla Pagán-Mattos, PhD

Five Points Towards a Queer Architecture, Andrew Holder

11:15 AM—Coffee Break

11:30 AM—PANEL ELEVEN: ‘Orientations’

Indigenous Queer Sights: Sensualities from Land to Body of Spirit,  Jason Baerg and Léuli Eshraghi

Same Country, Different World: Making the Case for the “Intranational” Sexile, Erika Abad, PhD

Afrekete as Archive: Toward Diasporic Black Femme Erotic Subjectivity, Ashley Coleman-Taylor, PhD

Queering the Here and the Now, Lilliana Ramos-Collado, PhD

12:45 PM—Lunch Break

Day Three: Afternoon


Prototyping for Emergent Queer Spaces: Building Queer Futurities Through Affirmative Autoethnography, Lucas LaRochelle + nènè myriam konaté (Due to limited spaces, we kindly request prior registration)

5:45 PM—Closing Conversation