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Queer and Beyond [Choose Category]

April 10-May 1, 2021

Feldfünf e.V., Berlin, Germany

🖥🥣 Exhibition

“iOS.O.S” is artwork in the form of a site-specific queer, digital activist campaign. The project is the first exhibition under our Wet-Hard Agency practice, with my partner Kleanthis Kyriakou, and it takes place at the Feldfünf gallery in Berlin, at the "Queer and Beyond [Choose Category]" exhibition. “iOS.O.S” is composed of three images, projected side-by-side on old iMacs displayed on the Feldünf’s facade. This triptych invites visitors and spectators to engage with the artwork and advocate for queer-inclusive policies for the Puerto Rican LGBTQ+ community within the island’s built environment.