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Mapping and Authorship

October 13th, 7:30PM

@ZOOM, GSAPP, Columbia University

🖥🥣 Roundtable 

Mapping defines and redefines landscapes informing concerns, priorities, and values of the author. The guests are invited to address questions of authorship in mapping as an exercise of recognition to define “the other”. Consequently, this visual acknowledgement informs the construction of place and space. Mapping & Authorship is interested in exploring the implications of this tool on the Latin community in Latin America and the United States by comparing tools and techniques across time and place.

Participants: Regner Ramos, Kendall Thomas, Felipe Correa, and Laura Kurgan

Organizer: Latin GSAPP

Open to all, via ZOOM ID: 975 2181 1703

*Photography by Osvaldo Delbrey-Ortiz.