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Episode 3, “Mater Ter Admirabilis”

April 10th, 8 PM

@Everywhere, Instagram TV

📲 Film Screening and After-Party in conversation with Astrologist Laura Kryshnar and Dr. Juan Caraballo-Resto, Professor of Anthropology of Religion

Episode 3, “Mater Ter Admirabilis”, is about re-finding spirituality through three female figures: my mother, my astrologist, and the Virgin Mary. It draws on the following quote by artist Abi Palmer:

“There came a moment when I realised I was not in complete control of these experiences, and that perhaps I should tread more carefully. I pictured Ezekiel, how the hand of the Lord came upon him, and I knew that I didn’t want to feel any master’s hand. I took down the crucifixes stolen from my Catholic school classrooms and hung, like trophies on my goth teen walls. I refused to watch The X-Files or read about alien abductions. The worst thing, I imagined, would be to assign meaning to my state.

And so I drifted. ” (Sanatorium, pg. 61)

“Buildings, Bodies, and Broken Hearts” is a five-episode Instagram mini-story explored through video, audio, and text. Through each episode, I react to performance artist Abi Palmer's new book, Sanatorium (2020, Penned in the Margins), while reflecting on my own work, quarantine, and my state of being post-breakup. It also draws on the work of architectural historian and filmmaker Anna Andersen. Each episode is posted one day after another, from April 8th-12th 2020. Individual episode descriptions and details can be found on my Calendar page, and viewed on Instagram.