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Episode 2, “Tsunami”

April 9th, 8 PM

@Everywhere, Instagram TV

📲Film Screening

Episode 2, “Tsunami”, is about heartbreak as an event of trauma. It draws on the following quote by artist Abi Palmer:

“Immersing myself in bodies of water is just one of many techniques I have experimented with to ease my chronic pain. I don’t know why floating leads to visions. I think it is something to do with amniotic fluid.

In the early 2000s, an advert for flotation therapy suggested that placing yourself in a room-temperature bath, your weight supported by Epsom salts, is the closest you will get to being in the womb.

Flotation, the ad explained, is like finding yourself in a pre-birth dreamspace. It’s a good way to recover from trauma, because it’s a memory of what it’s like to exist before trauma can hurt you. The argument goes that flotation eases physical pain because you have reminded your body what it is like to live without it.” (Sanatorium, pg. 12)

“Buildings, Bodies, and Broken Hearts” is a five-episode Instagram mini-story explored through video, audio, and text. Through each episode, I react to performance artist Abi Palmer's new book, Sanatorium (2020, Penned in the Margins), while reflecting on my own work, quarantine, and my state of being post-breakup. It also draws on the work of architectural historian and filmmaker Anna Andersen. Each episode is posted one day after another, from April 8th-12th 2020. Individual episode descriptions and details can be found on my Calendar page, and viewed on Instagram.