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Arquitectura Queer: Acercamientxs Diversxs

Jueves, 10:00AM-11:20AM

@Sala Jorge Enjuto, Facultad de Humanidades UPRRP

Part of the course lecture series for HART 3920, Art and Gender, "Arquitectura Queer: Acercamientxs Diversxs" (Queer Approaches to Architecture) is a collection of fragments discussing architecture and space through queerness. The lecture presents different ways I am thinking about our built environment and its relation to LGBTQ culture in Puerto Rico today, particularly by discussing several projects. These range from research projects I am conducting with Masters in Architecture students, as well as my own models, writing, and events. Topics of discussion will be: performance, documentation, representation, making, and speculation. The lecture asks: How can we queer architectural research and research queer architectures? Can a queering of architectural representation bring forth new imaginaries and opportunities? And how do we hold the architecture discipline accountable for ignoring the spaces central to the development of queer life and culture in Puerto Rico?

*Open to everyone.