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Announcement Ceremony: Wet-Hard Agency

January 21st, 3PM (Puerto Rico Time)


🖥 💌 Announcement Ceremony and Launch Party.

"Regner Ramos and Kleanthis Kyriakou kindly request your presence for a very special announcement we would like to make to our loved ones across the world. Please have your glasses ready for a toast." We told our friends.

On the day, drawing inspiration from a wedding ritual, Kleanthis and I unveiled the name and visual identity for our brand spanking new architectural practice: Wet-Hard Agency. We showed our VIP guests our new projects, exchanged vows (in the form of a reading of our manifesto), had a priestess formalize our union (fully dressed in drag), cut our cake for our guests (and gave them a photograph as a souvenir), heard a speech from our best man (who designed our visual identity), and toasted to the future. It was lovely, and as I failed to record it, it was one of those events you simply HAD to be there. Follow us on Instagram.

*Photograph by Candice Kosanke.